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We now service the ENTIRE CONTINENTIAL US!  Our company can supply brine for you before the next big storm hits! We offer brine solution and equipment for purchase. If you need commercial application of brine CLICK HERE

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Winter is coming, a perfect time to learn more about the benefits of road brine anti-icing solution for smart safety!

Thanks to Steve of Maple Leaf Lawn Care for using!  Maple Leaf has been providing excellence in the large commercial & snow removal business industry for over 30 years!  We look forward to helping them provide safer, easier snow removal! Brine Before the Storm!

"Anti-icing returns surfaces to bare pavement conditions more quickly, saving lives due to fewer accidents, and reducing losses to local businesses."

Winter Road Salt Safety, 2011

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Get A FREE INSTANT Brine Quote!

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  • Brine Solution

    We have a bulk brine solution filling center available. Fill your truck tanks, totes or other bulk containers onsite from our master filling tanks. Order Now 
  • Equipment

    We design, manufacture, install and support all brine equipment systems. We maintain a catalog of parts to keep your brine business running. Order Now
  • Application

    We provide onsite brine spraying for your commercial, or residential needs. Our fast response will ensure proper application for maximum effect. Order Now


Our Most Popular Products


Safety – Slip-and-Fall claims related to winter maintenance account for more lawsuits than any other except auto accidents and they are on the rise.

Usage Reduction – Brine is shown to effectively reduce standard salt application rates by up to 75%

Anti-icing is the most environmentally safe and cost effective practice in winter maintenance. It requires about ⅟4 the material and ⅟10 the overall cost of deicing.*

*Safe and Sustainable Snowfighting, Snowfighter’s Handbook, Salt Institute 2013 Edition
*Winter Parking Lot and Sidewalk Maintenance Manual, 2015, published by the MPCA, University of Minnesota, MnDOT, Minnesota LTAP, Fortin Consulting

Anti-icing returns surfaces to bare pavement conditions more quickly, saving lives due to fewer accidents, and reducing losses to local businesses.*

In comparison, delays in using salt results in allowing accumulation to build up, compact and bond to the surface, requiring a large quantity of chemical to work its way through the pack to reach the snow/pavement interface and destroy the bond… often providing less safety, at higher cost, than anti-icing.”**

*Anti-icing, Winter Road Safety, Salt Institute 2011
**Manual of Practice for an Effective Anti-icing Program, FHWA June 1996

You can purchase BOTH! We provide the equipment AND the brine solution. Click HERE for a free quote.

Complete Services

Road Brine is equipped to handle ALL of your wintertime de-icing needs. From our fully staffed location to our extensive experience, rest assure Road Brine will be there to meet your expectations. We offer a full brine filling depot, equipment manufacture and sales, as well as full service, support and parts.

Please let us know if you need application of brine from our service staff directly. We are fully capable of treating your business, township or community with our equipped fleet.

Brine Spraying Equipment
For customers who would like to apply liquid brine to their own property, we offer a 80″ Boom System for Receiver Hitches. These lock into standard 2″ pickup receiver hitches. Twelve solid stream nozzles release solution on each boom. 1″ hoses are included.  Please call for  information and pricing: 1-888-31-POWER.

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Brine Application
We can help you control ice and snow on your roads and parking lots.  Our liquid brine product is applied BEFORE a storm, preventing ice from bonding to the surface. Liquid brine makes plowing much easier, if necessary, and is less harmful and corrosive than solid salt.  Make your roadways safe & clear with our liquid brine solution!

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Full Brine Solution Fill Depot
We have a complete brine bulk filling station on site for purchasing our product.  You may purchase to-go by the 5 gallon pail, 55 gallon drum, or 330 gallon tote.  You may also bring your own containers (BYOC) or use ours for a small deposit. Please call ahead to ensure availablity and timing for pickup 1-888-31-POWER.

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Equipment Parts and Installation
After purchasing your 80″ Boom System, brine pumps and ready-fit bed tanks, we are able to attach it to your vehicles, connect all hoses and ensure the system is working properly.  We also have a catalog that contains all replacements parts for your equipment and can help you maintain your system for maximum longevity.

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