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Why Road Brine?

Road Brine for Anti-Icing

Road brine is a critical part of winter exterior maintenance activities, whether you prefer proactive anti-icing or time released rock salt, brine solution comes into play. 

Brine is an anti-icing solution, whereas rock salt is used for de-icing.

Anti-icing is a proactive approach to decrease frost, snow, and ice bonding to pavement which involves spraying a layer of road brine on the surface before a winter storm begins.


De-icing allows snow to bond/freeze to the pavement, then pre-wetted rock salt is scattered to break the bond between the frost and the ground surface.  Rock salt is simply crystals of sodium
chloride that do nothing to stop slippery ice from freezing to the pavement
surface:  when you scatter salt, eventually, it begins to dissolve & its’ effectiveness develops as it
creates a pool of its own brine. 

Brine solutions & rock salt are two sides of the same coin, the difference is as an anti-icing solution, brine begins to work immediately. 
Apply ROAD BRINE BEFORE THE STORM for superior anti-icing action for
improved safety with the benefit of cutting out another time-consuming step -
the backbreaking snow & ice removal process. 


The NY Dept of
Transportation released this statement, “Studies indicate that decreased applications of anti-icing chemicals lead to significant savings in material costs, reduced use of abrasives (rock salt and sand), better road conditions, lower accident rates, better environmental protection and lower costs for winter road


Road Brine for Reduced Waste

Anti-icing with a brine solution uses approximately one-quarter to one-fifth the amount of rock salt used in deicing, saving you money, storage space, & ease of distribution.  When rock salt is applied, it bounces & scatters – 40% of salt is lost in the process, whereas liquid brine creates a full coverage of safety. 
Brine anti-icing is performed at home using a spray pump or on streets
using trucks carrying tanks, which have spray bars to pump the brine onto
surface; visible stripes of applied brine on a road are referred to as SAFETYSTRIPES!


Road Brine for Increased Safety

Studies show that brine can reduce crashes by up to 85%! 
Because SAFETY STRIPES are visible, Streets Departments know which roads have been treated & can see the coverage area.  As we know, rock salt has no adhesion, so its coverage areas are not only harder to determine but is patchy as well. 

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