Mobile Brine Maker 330 Gallon

Sale price$5,969.00


330 Gallon Mobile Brine Maker. The Ultimate solution in salt brine spray systems for Snow and Ice Control. This Brine Maker brine equipment for snow removal consists of a 330 Gallon Polyethylene Pallet  Tank 51’’ x 43’’. Gas Powered Pump. Comes with Complete Brine Maker Plumping Kit : Valves, Poly Quick Connects, On/Off Valves, Hose, Cleanable Filter & Stainless-steel Hose Clamps. 330 Gallon Brine Maker Unit Will Mix a Variety of Salts Including: Crystals, Pellets, Ponder, or Rock Salt. Completely Plumbed and Ready for Use. Please call the office to order your specialty Brine Maker today! 

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